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When is the Best Time to Activate a Hero's Special Ability? - Clash of Clans

The Barbarian King is a common sight in daily Clan wars, where we use him to attack or raid. However, the optimal timing for deploying his Iron Fist ability may not be as apparent. Should it be activated when his HP is full, or when it's nearly gone? To achieve the best outcome, it's worth delving into this subject. This article will explore the strategic use of the Barbarian King's Iron Fist ability, a topic that is likely to pique your interest.

Occasionally, while attacking with the Barbarian King and Archer Queen, we might overlook their special abilities. However, these abilities are crucial as they can demolish additional buildings. Utilizing the hero's special ability, especially when near death, is extremely beneficial. It not only shields other troops but also allows a nearly defeated Barbarian King to continue eliminating enemies and razing structures.

Activating the Barbarian King's Iron Fist ability not only restores his HP but also summons additional barbarian troops. It boosts damage and movement speed for 10 seconds with the aid of the surrounding barbarians. The power and fury of the Barbarian King are unquestionable, yet optimizing this ability remains a challenge. As noted, many players activate the Iron Fist only when the King's HP is critically low, lasting merely 4-5 seconds, which is ineffective given that the ability's duration can extend to 10 seconds.

By activating her special ability, Royal Cloak, the Archer Queen can regain her health and summon several archer troops. This ability also increases her damage and movement speed for a few seconds, aided by the surrounding archer troops.

The Grand Warden's special ability is to shield or grant immunity to your troops from defensive building attacks. The duration of this ability is a few seconds and varies with the Grand Warden's level. As the Grand Warden's level increases, the duration of immunity provided to the troops within his radius also extends.

The Royal Champion is a hero known for wielding a spear to demolish the nearest defense buildings. This hero prioritizes enemy defenses, playing a crucial role in securing victory in war. The Royal Champion's unique ability allows her to hurl her spear at multiple defense structures, annihilating them almost instantaneously.

Each hero has a different best time to activate their special abilities. I will try to give you an idea, when is the best time to activate their special abilities.

1. Barbarian King = when the HP is half down (one third of normal HP)
2. Archer Queen = when his HP is half of normal HP
3. Grand Warden = we have to look at the state of War. When our core troops are directly attacked and the damage, they receive is large then that is the right time to activate the special abilities of this Grand Warden hero.
4. Royal Champion = when his HP is half of his normal HP. Dropping in the right place this Hero is the key to victory in battle.

These are tips on the best time to use the special abilities of Clash of Clans heroes... Good luck!!!


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