Animals Story - A Cunning Wolf and A Clever Donkey


One morning a donkey who was about to go out for grass went to grassland to find food. Arriving at there, the donkey ate the grass with its big mouth, the donkey began to devour the grass in front of it. The grass there was very fresh. There were no other animals anyway, so the donkey could eat the grass happily. "Oh, how lucky I am today!'" said the donkey.

After being full, the donkey looked around, suddenly he saw a starving wolf was heading towards him.

The donkey panicked suddenly, and said, "What should I do now? If I run, the wolf will catch up to me," thought the donkey who was starting to get scared.

Suddenly the donkey had an idea. The donkey ventured. He pretended to walk casually towards the wolf.

"What’s going on? Why don't you run when you see me?" asked the astonished wolf. It is useless for me to run because you will still hunt me down and catch me. Eventually I'll be your food too." The donkey said boldly.

"You might be right. If I don’t catch you today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow you will be my prey too," said the wolf.

"But it's not fun if I can catch you so easily. It would be more fun if we played chase. If I manage to catch you, I will eat you." said the wolf as he held back his hunger.

"Alright, I agree with your words, but before we play the chase, may I ask for your help? Please pull out the thorn from my toe" Donkey said.

"Yes, of course I will help you to pull out the thorn!" The wolf said.

The donkey also stretched its legs towards the wolf. When the wolf tried to hold his legs and looked down to pull out the thorns, the donkey kicked the wolf in the face with all his might. The wolf bounced and shouted, "Ouchhhh" the wolf screamed loudly in pain.

Apparently, the donkey's kick was very powerful, the wolf suffered a severe injury. His nose was bleeding and several of his teeth were broken. Finally, the wolf left, enduring great pain." Next time I will catch you and eat you donkey!" screamed the wolf furiously.

Life Lessons:

Even in an urgency, we must be able to think intelligently.


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