Animals Story - The Two Snob Deer


Two deer were walking from opposite directions on a very steep hill. Suddenly, by accident, they each arrived at the edge of a ravine below which flowed a very fast river.

A tree trunk that has long fallen, has been used as a bridge to cross the ravine. The trunk of the tree used as a bridge was so small that it cannot be passed simultaneously by two squirrels, let alone passed by two deer.

That very small tree bridge would make even the bravest person tremble. But the two deer did not feel trembling or frightened. Their pride and self-esteem did not allow them to budge and give way first to the other deer.

When one of the deer set foot on the bridge, the other deer did not want to budge and also set foot on the bridge.

Finally, the two deer met right in the middle of the bridge. The two still wouldn't budge and instead rammed each other with their horns so that the two deer finally fell into the ravine and were swept away by the very heavy water flow below.

The life lessons:

We should not be snob and selfish because they will harm ourselves.


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