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The Attack Strategy Using the Barbarian King - Clash of Clans

Night Clasher! Who do you reckon is the most dashing in Clash of Clans? I'd say it's the Barbarian King. This leader of the diminutive Barbarian army stands out for his size. You might wonder why he's so large; it's said that his frequent indulgence in Dark Elixir is the reason! It's quite possible... For a stronger assault, I recommend deploying the Barbarian King to bolster your attack.

About Barbarian King

  1. The Barbarian King can be purchased, but it is not free; it costs 5,000 Dark Elixir and becomes available at Town Hall level 7. Additionally, there are ways to accumulate Dark Elixir rapidly.
  2. The Barbarian King was without a home; he resided on the Altar, perpetually circling it to safeguard the village.
  3. He is immortal, and never dies. It only takes time for his HP to regenerate
  4. Previously, if the Barbarian King was injured in battle (HP reduced to 0), he needed to rest to recharge his HP, which happened automatically. After a set period, he would revive with full HP. However, with the latest update, the Barbarian King no longer requires HP recharging to come back to life.
  5. The higher the Barbarian King's level, the longer it takes to regenerate.
  6. When you attack a village, and there is no barbarian king on the altar, the barbarian king is being upgraded.
  7. You can increase its regeneration speed with Gems just like Barrack
  8. The Barbarian King only protects the area around his altar, not the entire village.
  9. The Barbarian King possesses a special ability known as Iron Fist. When activated in battle, this ability fully restores his HP and summons a group of smaller barbarians within a purple circle to battle at his side.
  10. Iron Fist ability only lasts for a few seconds at all levels
  11. Iron Fist ability can only be used once per battle
  12. Currently, the maximum level for the Barbarian King is level 95.

The Statistic of  Barbarian King

Preferred Target = none
Attack Type = Ground only
Movement Speed = 16
Attack Speed = 1,2s
Range = 1 tile
Search Radius = 9 tiles

The Attack Strategy by Using Barbarian King

  • You can activate the Iron Fist ability right before you end the battle so that when you return to the village, your Barbarian King's HP is full.
  • Don't use the Iron Fist ability too soon. Don't use it when the Barbarian King's HP is full, but rather when the Barbarian King's HP is half or a quarter. The best time to cast Iron Fist's special ability is when his HP is only a quarter.
  • If you are using airstrikes, a few tips on attacking using BK is to destroy the outbuildings using BK. So that the air tropes can focus on the center.
  • Provide Healer to load your BK for longer life

Defensive strategy

  • The most ideal location for the Barbarian King is in the center near other defense buildings.
  • If you want to attack BK, use air attacks, either minions or dragons, because BK does not attack air tropes.
  • Place BK in the center of your base. BK cannot be lured to the edge like the contents of Clan Castle, he will return to his altar. Because the enemy is too far away.

Sometimes, while attacking with the Barbarian King or Archer Queen, we may overlook their special abilities. However, these abilities are crucial as they can help destroy additional buildings. Utilizing the hero's special ability when they are near death is particularly beneficial, even if not optimal. Besides safeguarding other troops, a nearly defeated Barbarian King can still eliminate enemies and demolish buildings with his special ability.
Activating the Barbarian King's Iron Fist ability allows you to regain 899HP and summon 12 barbarian troops. It also boosts damage by 195 and movement speed by 21 for 10 seconds, thanks to the support of the surrounding barbarians. The power and fury of the Barbarian King are undeniable, yet the challenge lies in optimizing this ability.

As previously stated, numerous players activate the Iron Fist ability only when the Barbarian King's HP bar turns red, which lasts merely 4-5 seconds. This is inefficient, considering the Iron Fist ability can last up to 10 seconds. The optimal moment to deploy the Barbarian King's Iron Fist special ability is when his HP has been reduced by half. Utilizing it at this juncture maximizes its potential, allowing for greater treasure acquisition.

You can view the Barbarian King's abilities in this video.


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