Animals Story - Lion and Elephant Weaknesses


In a wilderness, there lived a very strong and brave lion. He had sharp teeth and great strength. However, whenever he heard a rooster crowing, he would be very scared.

The lion complained, "Why is my life like this? I am one of the strongest and bravest animals in the jungle, but why am I always afraid of the crowing of a rooster?"


Just then, a big Elephant came along, flapping its ears back and forth, then the elephant approached the lion and said "What is your problem lion?" Asked the Elephant.


Then the Lion shared his sadness with the elephant and asked, "You have a big and strong body. Do you have something that scares you so much?" the elephant replied, "Have you seen this little Mosquito? If he stings the innermost part of my ear, I will feel tremendous pain." The elephant replied, "This little mosquito scares me. "


The lion understood that even the strongest creatures have weak points. He gained confidence and decided to never let problems overshadow the happiness in his life.


Video on Youtube : Lion and Elephant Weaknesses 

The life lessons :

 We are all imperfect because we have weaknesses. Instead of complaining and being sad about our weaknesses, we should focus on the fun things in life and keep creating.

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