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Estes, a support hero in Mobile Legends, possesses a unique healing ability. His passive skill is particularly powerful, allowing him to inflict true damage as magical damage on targets with his basic attacks when it's active. Moreover, Estes plays a vital role in team fights due to his rapid healing capabilities.

Estes is a support hero in Mobile Legends who has received his latest epic skin, the Dragon Tamer. In light of this, we will delve into the story of Estes. For those interested in learning the complete backstory of the hero Estes in Mobile Legends, please read the detailed explanation provided below.

The tale of Estes unfolds in a dwelling of the Moon Elves situated in the western region of Moonlake. This area is renowned for the mythical Emerald Woodland and is celebrated as the cradle of the Elves from the first generation. Legend has it that each scion of the Elf King came into the world atop a Tree of Life nestled at the heart of the Emerald Woodland. Estes is the latest in the line of Elven Kings and is the primeval Elf residing in the kingdom within the Emerald Woodland.

Estes is an Elf king who has unique characteristics and has a great ability to heal people with his healing abilities. Unfortunately, during the second great war, Estes was injured so badly that he fell asleep in the center of the Emerald Woodland for healing. The Moon Elves lost a great king at this time. As the war between humans and orcs rages on, Miya must survive and protect the land and the surviving Moon Elves.

But it was very difficult to do so because of the darkness and evil of the Dark Abyss that secretly possessed some Moon Elves. Many of them were seduced by the Blood Queen, Alice. In the end, some of the young Moon Elves fell and submitted to Alice's power. In a very chaotic situation, in the midst of lightning rain and strong winds, Estes who had fallen asleep before finally woke up. Estes looked very angry because bad things had happened. With the power of his Moonlight, Estes vowed to protect his entire Moon Elf territory and tribe with all his might.

Estes possessed the resolve and sworn loyalty to wield his Moonlight code's power to fend off all malevolence and any foes intent on disrupting order and sowing chaos in his homeland. Esteemed as a King, he was adored by his subjects for his profound wisdom and benevolence.

Skill Hero Estes

Estes' most popular skill is the ability to provide heal to teammates. If you want to know more about Estes' skills, let's see the full explanation!

Skill Pasif – Scripture of The Moon Elf

Estes' passive ability, known as Scripture of the Moon Elves, not only serves as a potent HP healer but also enhances damage dealt to adversaries. Thus, whenever Estes' HP is full or at maximum, he inflicts extra damage with his basic attacks and abilities.

Skill 1 – Moonlight Immersion

Estes possesses a primary skill known as Moonlight Immersion, which is a delight for dance enthusiasts. Upon activation, Estes performs a dance, creating a healing trail along his path that can restore the health of teammates who cross it. Moreover, Estes can dance up to three times using this skill, providing ample chances to heal your team.

Skill 2– Domain of Moon Golddess

Estes' second skill is the Domain of Moon Goddess. This skill is a skill that you must make the best use of to attack and describe your opponent. When Estes uses this skill, she will summon the power of the moon to create a protection area around her. Within this region, Estes and her team will gain an additional shield that will absorb a certain amount of enemy damage. Not only does it provide a shield, the Domain of Moon Goddess also has a motion-blocking effect on enemies within the region. So, when enemies try to escape, they will find it difficult as they are hampered by Estes' moon power. This skill is very useful on the battlefield.

Skill Ultimate – Blessing of Moon Golddess

Estes' ultimatum that is a mainstay in teamfights, namely Blessing of Moon Golddess. This skill is arguably a guarantee of victory in a teamfight. When you use this skill, Estes will release a huge healing aura to all her team members. The healing effect is so strong that it can make your team last longer in the midst of a fierce battle. Of course, the use of this skill must be done smartly. Don't use it when there are only a few team members who need to be healed, as you could be wasting a great opportunity.

Advantages dan Disadvantages Hero Estes

Advantages Hero Estes:

1.Strong Healer: Estes possesses potent healing abilities, rendering him a vital hero for the team.

2. Good Support: Estes offers valuable support to his team with his healing and crowd control abilities.

3. Crowd Control Ability: Estes possesses the capability to slow down and immobilize enemies, enhancing his effectiveness in team engagements.

4. Estes' healing ability is highly beneficial in pushing; it enables his team to defend and attack with greater efficiency.

5. Ideal for Coordinated Teams: Estes is an excellent option for teams that excel in communication, as effective coordination can significantly enhance their performance.

Disadvantages Hero Estes:

1. Vulnerable to Crowd Control: Although Estes has crowd control abilities, he is also vulnerable to similar attacks from enemies.

2. Team Dependence: Estes relies heavily on team coordination and good movement to survive and be effective in combat.

3. Vulnerable to Hero Burst: Estes is vulnerable to heroes with high burst damage that can instantly kill her before she can heal herself or her team.

4. Limited Damage Ability: Estes focuses more on healing and support than damage, making her less effective at dealing high damage.

5. Need the Right Items: Estes needs the right items so that he can maximise one of them, Flask of the Oasis, which is OP.

To see Hero Estes Gameplay, you can see the video here  How to Play Estes Support - Mobile Legends  


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