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It is so difficult for Clash of Clans players to penetrate walls of level 9 and above, therefore Clash of Clans makes it easy to destroy walls, namely with this earthquake spell. This spell is so strong that no wall can withstand the onslaught of 4 earthquake spells. So many old clash of clans players take advantage of this earthquake spell, including me. I am a mandatory user of the earthquake spell when fighting Town Hall level 10 in clan war. Even though you are still in Town Hall 9, when you face Town Hall level 10 by using this Earth quake Spell and we can get 2 stars, and not infrequently you also get 3 stars.

Earthquake spell is a spell that serves to destroy enemy war bases such as defense units or walls. With this earthquake spell, the function of the jump spell is "somewhat replaced". Earthquake spells have a larger radius than jump spells, therefore many players prefer to attack using this earthquake spell.

Summary of Earthquake:
1. Earthquake spell was released by Clash of Clans on July 1, 2015.
2. Earthquake plays a big role in destroying walls, often used to destroy/reduce the HP of defense buildings. However, the qarthquake spell is useless against Gold Storage, Elixir Storage and Dark Elixir Storage.
3.How 4 earthquakes work can destroy walls regardless of level. 
4. When the second earthquake is dropped, it will do 1/3 the damage of the first earthquake. When the 3rd earthquake is dropped it will do 1/5 damage. And the fourth earthquake dropped will deal 1/7 damage.
5. Town Hall level 10 you can destroy using a combination of 1 earthquake spell and 5 lightning spells.
6. Town Hall level 7 you can destroy with a combination of 1 earthquake level 3 and 4 lightning spells level 6. 

How to Attack with Earthquake Spell

  • If you are at Town Hall level 8 you can maximize the use of this earthquake spell. That is, using air attacks with dragons. Prepare 2 level 5 lightning spells and 1 earthquake spell. Drop this lightning spell and earthquake on one of the air defenses. Next you can use the dragon with the rage spell. There is no doubt that you will get 3 stars with this strategy.
  • Do not use on buildings that have low Hitpoints, such as builders because it will be a waste. drop earthquake spells on buildings that have high Hitpoints
  • This earthquake spell functions like a wallbreaker, but this spell is more useful. Because when we use wall breakers to destroy walls, sometimes the wall breakers die first or damage the wrong walls. With this spell you can destroy the inner wall.
  • If you are confused between jump or earthquake spells, I suggest you use 4 earthquakes instead of jump spells. The first reason is that the range of earthquake is greater, the second reason is the permanent destruction of enemy walls. 

Earthquake's other advantages over Jump Spell

  1. If you drop earthquake on a wall close to x-bow or inferno tower, you will be able to reduce their HP as well. That's very beneficial for your attacks. whereas jump spells can't reduce their HP.
  2. You can destroy the center wall easily, thus widening your troops' access. By using golems, you can destroy all defense buildings.
  3. Earthquake has permanent damage, while jump spells are temporary
  4. Your troops need time to jump when you use jump spells, while earthquake can create a large hole for your troops to enter..
  5. With earthquake you can destroy 8 walls in a straight line. That's why I highly recommend this spell.
  6. You can combine this earthquake with wall breakers. By using wall breakers to destroy the outer walls and earthquake spells for the inner walls. Then all enemy defenses will be exposed.

Tips for Using the Earthquake spell

1. Drop 4 earthquake spells in the center of the enemy base. 
Why in the middle of the base? because this earthquake function will be more useful in dropping in the center close to the x bow or inferno tower, so that their HP will be reduced.

2. Earthquake cannot be used to attack storage
So it's useless if you drop this earthquake on storage because there will be no effect.

3. Destroy walls or walls that block your trop's path
You can drop these 4 earthquakes at the start of your attack by making sure your troop moves first. By destroying enemy walls your troop will enter the center of the base unhindered, making it faster to destroy x-bow or inferno towers.

4. Combine with other spells
If you like the air attack type, you can combine this earthquake with lightning spells. drop 2 level 5 lightning spells and 1 earthquake on top of the air defense, then the air defense will be destroyed due to the combination of these spells.

Earthquake Spell Abilities

Level 1 Earthquake Spell
  • Damage = 14.5%
  • Radius = 3.5 tiles
  • Research Cost (dark elixir) = -
  • Research Time = -
  • Laboratory Level Reqiured = -
Level 2 Earthquake Spell
  • Damage = 17%
  • Radius =3.8 tiles
  • Research Cost (dark elixir) = 12.000
  • Research Time = 18 hours
  • Laboratory Level Reqiured = 6
Level 3 Earthquake Spell
  • Damage = 21%
  • Radius = 4.1 tiles
  • Research Cost (dark elixir) = 24.000
  • Research Time = 1 day 12 hours
  • Laboratory Level Reqiured = 7
Level 4 Earthquake Spell
  • Damage = 25%
  • Radius = 4.4 tiles
  • Research Cost (dark elixir) = 51.000
  • Research Time = 4 days 6 hours
  • Laboratory Level Reqiured = 8
Level 5 Earthquake Spell
  • Damage = 29%
  • Radius = 4.7 tiles
  • Research Cost (dark elixir)= 84.000
  • Research Time = 7 days 18 hours
  • Laboratory Level Reqiured = 9 

Video on Youtube :  How Earthquake Spell Works 

Hopefully this article on how to use earthquake, earthquake benefits is useful for you.
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