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Tigreal is currently a META hero due to his challenging counterplay and balanced offensive and defensive capabilities. Before we delve into the discussion, let's explore the backstory of this Hero.

Tigreal, a hero in Mobile Legends, serves as a Roam/Tank. Presently, he stands as a popular choice among players due to his numerous benefits that aid and safeguard teammates towards victory. Hence, delving into Tigreal's backstory within Mobile Legends presents an intriguing topic.

Tigreal hails from the esteemed Weiting nobility, a family renowned for producing valiant knights who protect the Moniyan Empire. His ascent to leadership, however, was fraught with challenges, including numerous betrayals. Born into the noble Weiting lineage, the family has been a cornerstone of military prowess since the inception of the Moniyan Empire, safeguarding the realm's royal authority and security through the ages. Tigreal's generation continues this venerable tradition.

His father, Gareth, served as the kingdom's Minister of Defense and the emperor's trusted advisor. His uncle, Eckert, commanded the border guards in the perilous region between the kingdom's southern territory and the Land of Despair. Despite the millennia that have elapsed since the dramatic events that divided the kingdom, tales and fears of the Abyss, demons, and sinister beings persist.

From a young age, Tigreal underwent rigorous military training at Castle Atlas, mastering various combat skills including hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship, and horsemanship. His family harbors great expectations for him, wishing that he will uphold his father's legacy and emerge as the most devoted guardian of Moniyan.

At sixteen, Tigreal enlisted in the Imperial Army, dedicating himself fully and also becoming part of the Garrison Army. Over his four years with the Garrison Army, Tigreal commanded his forces across the entirety of Moniyan, enhancing his leadership skills and earning the affection of the Knights of Light.

Tigreal joined the Knight of Light with his exceptional fighting and leadership talents. In the Moniyan Empire, only the most loyal and brave warriors who have undergone intensive training can be selected to become a Knight of Light. And Tigreal became the youngest member in their history. He was the pride of his family and a genius in the eyes of the Moniyan people. Everyone believed that he would become a hero in Moniyan's history, just like the martyrs in previous generations in the Corridor of Valor.

However, Tigreal's life was fraught with challenges. In the Barren Lands, he fought to banish the demons of the Abyss that had long dominated the region. As the commander of the Second Division Regiment, he led an army consisting of the Knights of Light and the Imperial Border Guard.

Positioned on the left flank of the battlefield, he initiated an assault on the demon forces. However, a misstep by the command center led Tigreal's forces too far into enemy territory, resulting in their encirclement. Subsequently, the command center directed Tigreal's troops to abandon some soldiers and disperse in order to penetrate the siege.

At that moment, Tigreal had sworn to stand or fall with his troops. However, his seasoned deputy Roland intervened, urging Tigreal to fall back to the main force he commanded. Roland, along with a handful of warriors, would hold off the enemy. With the intention of preserving the lives of many soldiers, Tigreal ordered his troops to withdraw.

Following the battle, the demon army that had resided on the southern frontier of the Moniyan Empire, adjacent to the Barren Lands, was utterly annihilated. However, it was Tigreal's forces that sustained severe losses, with the contingent that resisted the enemy's assault being entirely decimated. Surveying the strewn corpses and blood across the battlefield, Tigreal was filled with deep remorse over his decision.

After this battle, in order to cover up their mistakes, the elders of the Knight of Light refused to give the soldiers of the Second Regiment the honors they deserved and referred to them as "disobedient traitors" because they were greedy for honors, and this resulted in unnecessary casualties. After that, they tried to use medals and promotions as a way to seduce Tigreal into keeping quiet. Feeling the pressure of that failed struggle, as well as pressure from his family, Tigreal left Moniyan and came to the cold Northern Vale.

In the icy northern lands, Tigreal forged a bond with the Northern Vale tribe, notably through battling alongside them. Tigreal came to understand that as a knight, the life of a friend holds greater value than the result of a battle. We engage in combat not for glory, but to safeguard those we hold dear. If battle entails only sacrifice, then triumph holds no value.

Afterward, Tigreal made his way back to Moniyan, rejoined the Knights of Light, and rose to become their leader. With time, he protected Moniyan with unwavering determination and bravery. Legend has it that wherever darkness threatens to invade, a Warrior of Dawn will always emerge to lead the charge against it.

This is the life story of Tigreal Hero Mobile Legends

The Ability of Hero Tigreal

Tigreal's ability will be very useful for initiation attacks with good tank cover for hero teams. By using this one hero, it will be very helpful for support and marksman. Tigreal is indeed famous for the hero who spoils his partner the most, with a very deadly initiation, teammates will only need to attack without having to be hit by the opponent's attack.

Pasif: Fearless

Tigreal will get an immune effect against the next basic attack after he uses a skill or is hit by several basic attacks several times.

Skill 1: Attack Wave

Tigreal will fire an Attack Wave in a predetermined direction then deal damage to the opponent and cause a slow effect on them. The slow effect will deal 30% for 1.5 seconds based on the distance between the targets.

Skill 2: Sacred Hammer

Tigreal will charge in a predetermined direction, then will deal damage to opponents who have passed. Tigreal can then use this skill again and cause an Airborne effect on his opponent. Tigreal pushes the target in front giving +100% total physical attack and immobilize effect, 4 seconds after charging, Tigreal can use this skill again and airbone effect for 1 second.

Ultimate: Implosion

Tigreal will draw nearby opponents to him, then deal damage to the opponents and cause a stun effect on them. Tigreal will suck in nearby opponents, dealing 270 (+130% total physical attack) and causing a stun effect for 1.5 seconds.


For emblems, you can use the Custom Tank Emblem with talents that you can choose between Tenancy, Brave Smite and Concussive Blast. When these talents can be used according to Tigreal's needs, which are all three suitable for this tank hero. Then for the first point, use it to increase Physical Defense, then for the second point use it on Magic Defense so that both are balanced.

Battle Spell

For Battle Spell Tigreal must use Flicker, we do not recommend other battle spells, which is indeed Tigreal is very close to this one battle spell.

Flicker itself you can use to initiate the opponent, by using it, you can easily enter the opponent's defence and do the ultimate. So that Tigreal can quickly initiate and make a good war, the opposing hero will find it difficult to dodge and of course be interested in Tigreal's ultimate.

Tigreal also has a combo, it will be very easy to do a combo with the flicker spell, the most terrible tigreal tank when doing the combo and hitting 5 heroes at once it will be very easy to win the match.


Next, in order to the build usage section, you can use the following items.

Tough Boots

Tough Boots have several advantages that make them a very useful item in the Mobile Legends game. Here are some of the advantages possessed by Tough Boots:

1. Physical Resistance: Tough Boots provide increased resistance to physical attacks. This makes it harder for heroes who use them to be taken down by enemies who rely on physical attacks.

2. Magical Resistance: Apart from providing increased resistance to physical attacks, Tough Boots also provide resistance to magical attacks. This makes heroes who use them more resistant to enemy attacks that rely on magic attacks.

3. Extra Protection: Tough Boots provide additional protection to heroes who use them. With this extra protection, the hero becomes stronger and harder to defeat by the enemy.

Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice is one item that is very useful for Tank heroes, which by using this one item, you can get stronger with its attributes and effects. Now for the Dominance Ice function we will discuss the following.

The Function of  Dominance Ice Di Mobile Legends (ML)

+500 Mana

+70 Physical Damage

+10 Critical Chance Reduction

+10 Cooldown Reduction

Athena's Shield

The Athena Shield is appropriate for all heroes who aim to shield their allies from the enemy's magic burst attacks. It is a situational item that proves almost always beneficial for roamers, EXP laners, and tank junglers. The timing for equipping the Athena Shield varies depending on the opponent's strength. It is not incorrect to include the Athena Shield in the initial build if facing a mage burst hero who is particularly powerful early on, such as Kadita, Eudora, or Pharsa.

Antique Cuirass

The Antique Cuirass is a defensive item designed to counteract the opponent's Physical Damage. It provides an additional 920 HP to bolster your survivability. Additionally, it offers 54 Physical Defense and +4 HP Regen. Priced at 2170 Gold, it requires certain build items before you can acquire the main one. The benefits it provides are substantial, and its unique Passive has distinctive features when utilized.


920 HP

54 Physical Defense

4 HP Regen

Unique Passive: When struck by an opponent's skill, reduce their Physical Attack by 8% for 2 seconds. This effect can stack up to three times.

Utilizing the Antique Cuirass Item will shield you from the onslaught of formidable Fighter heroes. However, this protection is specific to Fighters who employ Skills and Physical Damage. Deploy it against adversaries who launch skill attacks that deal high physical damage. This strategy will not only strengthen you but also significantly impact your opponent.

Radiant Armor

Radiant Armor serves as a counter to enemy DPS magic, with its Holy Blessing passive reducing the opponent's magic damage by 5-8 points for three seconds, stacking up to six times. Meanwhile, Athena Shield is a defensive item designed to withstand burst magic damage. Consequently, players need to assess the enemy mage's power and select the most suitable item accordingly.

However, Radiant Armor is not merely a defensive magic item due to its attributes. The +12 HP Regen encourages many roamers and junglers to pair this item with Dominance Ice and Guardian Helmet to maximize regen during rotations. Additionally, it offers other defensive attributes, such as an increase of up to 950 HP and +52 magic defense.


Immortality offers several benefits that make it a coveted item in Mobile Legends. Firstly, it grants significant extra protection to both players and heroes. With Immortality, players can endure longer in combat, significantly influencing the game's outcome. Moreover, Immortality provides a precious second life; upon death, it resurrects the player with substantial HP, allowing them to rectify their strategy and rejoin the fray. Additionally, Immortality can psychologically deter opponents; aware of a player's Immortality, they may hesitate to engage, providing a tactical edge to the player's team.

Combo Skill Hero Tigreal

Next is to learn the combo of the hero Tigreal, with a very good combo that will make your match even better, and of course it will be great for you to know.

Combo 1: Flicker + Ultimate + Skill 2 + Skill 2 + Skill 1

The first combo is common and is often used by Tigreal users, with this combo you can launch an initiation that is very fast and difficult for your opponent to avoid.

In addition, you can also use utlimate and then use flicker quickly. So that skill activation is faster than before, this will provide attacks that are difficult for enemies to guess.

Combo 2: Skill 2 + Ultimate + Skill 1

If you don't have Flicker or Flicker while CD, then use a combo by using skill 2 first.

Combo 3: Conceal + Flicker + Ultimate + Skill 2 + Skill 2 + Skill 1

After using Conceal, Tigreal becomes invisible, and his pace quickens. Combine with Flicker so that Tigreal is in the center of the opponent's middle

Combo 4: Conceal + Flicker + Ultimate + Skill 1 +Skill 2 + Skill 2 

Combo 4 has greater damage because it uses skill 1 first and then skill 2.

The four Tigreal combos above will provide a very deadly initiation, that way, you can already play Tigreal smoothly. In addition, here is the gameplay of the Tigreal hero that you can try.

Furthermore, if you want to see this Hero Tigreal Gameplay, you can see it on YouTube by clicking the link below

How to Play Tigreal Tank - Mobile Legends

Complete!! Combo Skill Tigreal 


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