Animals Story - Parrot Brothers


In a forest, there lived two parrots. They were very handsome, and their beaks and wings were very beautiful. They lived happily in the forest.
One day, a hunter came to the forest. The hunter saw the pair of parrots, and he thought, "These parrots are very beautiful and special. I will catch them for the King."

Immediately he set a trap in the forest. And before long, the pair of parrots were caught. Then the hunter put the two parrots in a cage.

The next day, the hunter brought the pair of parrots to the King and said, "Oh..Your Majesty, seeing the beauty of this pair of parrots, I decided to catch them and gift them to the King. These two parrots will add beauty to your palace."

The King was delighted with the gift. He gave a thousand gold coins to the hunter. Then the King ordered to put the two parrots in a golden cage and ordered his servants to take good care of them.

The two pairs of parrots were very happy because they were treated well in the King's palace. They were always served delicious fruits and food. They became the center of attention in the palace. Even the young prince came to play with them. The parrots were very happy because they had everything in the palace.

One day, a hunter came and brought a black monkey to the King. The King was very happy to see it, because the black monkey was very rare and very beautiful.

The black monkey became the center of attention in the palace, replacing the two parrots. The black monkey was treated wonderfully by the King's servants.The best food and drink were served to the monkey.

Because all the King's servants treated the monkey more special than the parrots, the two pairs of parrots went unnoticed. Many times the parrot was deprived of food because the King's servants were busy paying attention to the newly arrived black monkey in the palace. But because of a servant's carelessness, the black monkey was able to escape from its cage and return to the forest.

And finally, the two parrots were again noticed by the King.

The lessons we can take from this story are
Life is like a spinning wheel, sometimes we are on top and sometimes on the bottom. So as long as we are on top, we should not be arrogant and always pay attention to those who unlucky.

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