How to Play Aldous Fighter Exp Lane - Mobile Legends

Before discussing how to play this Hero, let's take a look at Aldous's backstory.

Aldous is a hero who occupies the role of Fighter in Mobile Legends. He is known as a hero who gets to kill enemies with just one hit. Especially if you fight thin-blooded heroes, such as Mage, Marksman, or Support, the chances of Aldous getting Savage are certainly greater. Therefore, it is interesting for us to discuss the story of the hero Aldous in Mobile Legends. The way Aldous increases his strength is by collecting stacks from killing minions, creeps, turtles or lords, towers, and killing enemies. So, if you fight Aldous, so that his strength does not increase is to anticipate him not collecting stacks.

Aldous is told as an ordinary guard who guards a sacred labyrinth. It was from the sacred labyrinth that Aldous got the power he feels now. However, this power was obtained by Aldous because of a divine punishment.

In ancient times, there was an ancient kingdom called the Minoan. This kingdom was located in the Western Desert. Inside the kingdom was a labyrinth that held tremendous energy and power. The Minoan people always honored the labyrinth because it contained a giant Minotaur statue. In order to always be blessed, the Minoans worshipped the giant statue.

Day and night, the Minoan people vigilantly protected the enigmatic labyrinth. Their goal was to prevent malevolent individuals from exploiting it. However, years later, the Minoans ceased their watch over the labyrinth as a modern security system managed by skilled contractors took over.

At first the guards guarded the mandate given to them to guard the labyrinth. However, as time goes by they no longer do their job well. That's because after they saw there were a lot of precious Jades (a type of diamond) from the past in the maze.

Because of the Jade, the guards left their jobs as labyrinth guards. Indirectly, corrupt practices occurred among the contractors and made the Minoan kingdom could be destroyed instantly because of this practice.

However, there was one guard who was not tempted by Jade and still did his job well. He was a man named Aldous. Because the situation was no longer under control, the Gods were furious and came down from heaven to punish the country. In an instant, the Minoan Kingdom was destroyed, destruction was everywhere, and many victims fell. The only survivors were Aldous and the Minoan people. At the same time, Aldous accidentally gained power when the God destroyed the Minoan Kingdom.

Aldous received two opposing forces. This caused his body flow to change form. Aldous' arms grew bigger, and his skin grew long scales. It makes everyone who sees it will feel fear. Aldous, who was unable to accept this power, fainted for some time.

Upon awakening, Aldous discovered that his surroundings had been leveled, and the labyrinth he protected was sealed by an enigmatic force. These events led the Minoans to appoint Aldous as the labyrinth's guardian. In the meantime, the Minoans set out for the Land of Dawn to unravel the mystery behind their experiences.

This is the story of Hero Aldous Mobile Legends

Tips for Playing Aldous with One Lethal Blow

1. Focus on Gathering Stacks

Aldous is a hero that deals damage based on the amount of stacks he manages to collect. So the main thing you have to do when using Aldous is to collect as many stacks as possible. You can get Aldous stacks by clearing Minions or other Creeps.

You'll also get an extra stack every time you successfully eliminate an opponent/assist a teammate. However, as much as possible get the last hit from Aldous' attack, so that you get more stacks. Moreover, it is currently a meta where Aldous is more effective if positioned as a side lane rather than Hyper.

2. No Open War in the Early Game

This second tip is related to the first tip, where you better focus on collecting stacks rather than Open War. Because if you force to participate or open war in the early game, you will not be able to keep up with your opponent, because the stack you collect is still very small.

Not only that, Aldous also doesn't have a blink skill to escape other than by using the battle spell Flicker. So, if you force open war during the early game. It will only be a suicide moment for Aldous.

3. Use Mana Regen Items

The next tips relate to the use of the Aldous Build. Yaps, Aldous is a hero with quite wasteful Mana usage. So, the use of Mana regen items is fairly important when using Aldous. The goal is clear, so that Aldous doesn't run out of Mana in the middle of the war. In addition, this will minimize the waste of time because Aldous must recall continuously to refill his Mana.

You can use Demon Shoes or buy Magic Necklace items at the beginning of the game. So you can focus on clearing minions using each Aldous skill calmly. Because Mana will be replenished if you successfully clear the minion.

4. Utilize Ultimate Skill for Open Map

Open map and roaming are Aldous' strengths. With his ultimate skill, Aldous can show all the opponent's positions in the arena. In addition, you can also take advantage of Aldous's ultimate skill to give attacks to opponents who have started dying. That way, you can get an additional stack from the opponent you successfully eliminated.

5. Lock Enemy Cores

The final tip is to target the enemy's core hero. Indeed, focusing on the enemy core is an effective strategy, allowing Aldous to accumulate experience, gold, and stacks throughout the game. This tactic not only aids Aldous but also provides significant advantages to teammates, particularly the core, enabling them to gather maximum experience and gold.

Emblem and Build Aldous Role Exp Lane according to Top Global 1

1. Thunder Belt

Basically, this Thunder Belt item is one of the equipment that goes into defense. The reason is, this item presents additions to several hero statistics such as HP, Physical Defence, Mana Regen, and also Cooldown Reduction. But on the other hand, this Thunder Belt item will also increase the damage of the owner's hero through basic attacks. This comes from its passive, Thunderbolt, which can deal True Damage based on how much HP the owner has.

So, the more HP the hero who uses this Thunder Belt item, the greater the True Damage of the basic attack that will be generated from the passive.

In addition, the passive of this item will also present a slow effect to nearby opponents, which will also be calculated based on how much HP the hero using this Thunder Belt has. The thicker the hero's HP, the greater the slow effect will be, even though it only lasts for 1 second.


800 HP

40 Physical Defense

30 Mana Regen

10% Cooldown Reduction

Unique passive:

Thunderbolt: Within 3 seconds after using the skill, the next basic attack will deal 50 True Damage, plus 5% of Extra Max HP to the target. Enemy units in the vicinity will also get a slow effect of 40-80% (increased based on the owner hero's Extra Max HP) for 1 second. All of these effects have a cooldown of 1.5 seconds.

2. Endless Battle

Endless Battle brings stat increases for many things, such as Physical Attack, HP, Cooldown Reduction, Hybrid Lifesteal, Movement Speed, and Mana Regen.

So, it's no surprise that this Endless Battle item is the mainstay of many physical heroes, especially those who have the task of dealing damage such as assassins and marksmen, or fighters so that they can sustain when scrambling the opponent's back line.


65 Physical Attack

250 HP

10% Cooldown Reduction

8% Hybrid Lifesteal

5% Movement Speed

5% Mana Regen

Unique Passive:

Divine Justice: After using the skill, the next basic attack will deal 60% Physical Attack in addition to True Damage for 3 seconds. (1.5 second cooldown).

Chase Fate: Activating Divine Justice will bring an additional 10% Movement Speed.

3. Malefic Roar

If you face an opponent with a large defense. you must use this one item: Large physical damage can indeed be countered by increasing defense and it makes physical damage heroes inconvenient. To keep the game balanced, Moonton presents this one item and can tear apart the opponent's defense.

The item is called Malefic Roar, this item is perfect for you to use to face opponents with large defenses. If you don't know about this item, see the following explanation until it's finished.

The price for this item is 2060 and here are the upgrades:

+60 Physical attack

+ 35% Physical pen

The Physical Attack increase is also quite large. In addition, the increase in physical pen is very suitable in combination with a large Physical Attack.


Malefic Roar has a passive called Armour Buster; this passive will make every opponent's Physical Defense increase your hero's Physical Pen by 0.05%. This passive has a limit of up to 20%. So this item gives 55% physical pen and that is very large, surely the opponent's defense will be in vain when dealing with this item.

4. Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice is an excellent Defense item that can provide +500 mana, +70 Physical Defense and +10+ Critical Chance Reduction.

As for the passive ski itself, Dominance Ice has 2 active passives that you can stack with the same item as one other item. now here is an explanation of each effect function that you can get from the Dominance Ice item in Mobile Legends.

Fungsi Dominance Ice Di Mobile Legends (ML)

+500 Mana

+70 Physical Damage

+10 Critical Chance Reduction

+10 Cooldown Reduction

5. Athena's Shield

Athena Shield is one of the items in Mobile Legends that can increase your Magic Resist. So, with this item, you can withstand enemy magical attacks easily.

However, this item does not need to be used if the enemy does not have a hero who uses magical attacks. Because this one item has a very high stat in Magic Resist alone, so it has very little use.

+900 Health Points

+2 Health Regeneration

+62 Magic Defense

 Unique Passive: A shield can be activated upon receiving Magic Damage, reducing the Magic Damage taken by 25% for 5 seconds, including the damage that initiates this effect. This effect can only be reactivated after exiting combat for 10 seconds.

For the emblem, it uses the Assassin Emblem.

The talents are as follows:

Agility: Gain 4% extra movement spped.

Wilderness Blessing: Extra movement speed in the jungle and river. Movement speed in the jungle and river is increased by 10%. this bonus is halved when in combat with enemy heroes, Lord or Turtle.

Quantum Charge: To increase 30% movement speed for 1.5 seconds when attacking with basic attack (CD: 8 seconds).

Battle Spell

For the spell, in this build we use Sprint which can move places.

Gain 50% extra movement speed ans slow immunity for 6s, this Sprint spell is highly recommended.


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