Animals Story - A Rabbit and A Turtle


In a wilderness, there lived a clever rabbit, he was very fast in running more than other animals. The rabbit was appointed as the head of the area because of his speed and ingenuity.

The rabbit is the fastest animal in the area. With his speed he could beat any animal that challenged him to a run.

One day a newcomer turtle came to the forest.

On that day, the rabbit said to all the animals there "Who dares to race with me?" No one dared to answer the rabbit's challenge.

Then the turtle replied quietly "I accept your challenge".

 "That's a good joke" said the rabbit while belittling the turtle.

Then the match began.

As usual the rabbit ran very fast. While running he insulted the turtle and said "If you run like that, I can dance and take a nap.. Hahaha".

The turtle ignored the rabbit's taunts. He kept running with all his might.

Since the rabbit saw that the turtle was still far behind him, he decided to take a short nap.

But when he opened his eyes, the turtle was almost at the finish line. And the rabbit ran to catch up with the turtle.

But his efforts were in vain, and the turtle became the champion.


The life lessons:

* We should never underestimate others around us, and we must keep fighting until the end so that we can get the victory.

* Never be arrogant about our abilities.

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