How to Attack Using the Super Archer Queen Walk - Clash of Clans

For Town Halls above level 10, the strategy of attacking with Healer-supported Archers, commonly known as Queen Walk, has gained immense popularity. However, many still struggle with its execution, often forgetting to deploy the Queen's ability or misplacing her on the battlefield. In this guide, I will provide tips on how to effectively utilize the Super Queen Walk strategy in your attacks.

What is a Super Archer Queen Walk?

The Super Queen  Walk strategy involves an Archer Queen supported by three to four healers during an attack. Beyond Town Hall level 10, the Archer Queen should be accompanied by at least five healers in every assault. This tactic allows the Archer Queen to demolish the outermost structures and penetrate further inward with the assistance of wall breakers.

When to Use Super Archer Queen Walk?

The Super Queen Walk strategy can be utilized in nearly every attack, proving highly effective against Town Halls above level 10. It's crucial to consistently upgrade your Archer Queen to enhance her speed, damage, and range. For engaging Town Halls above level 10, ensure you have at least five healers and a minimum of two rage spells prepared.

When to Activate Archer Queen's Special Ability?

You can activate the Archer Queen's special ability by:
1. The Rage Spell has expired.
2. The number of Healers begins to dwindle, resulting in a prolonged healing time for the Archer Queen.
3. The hit points of your Archer Queen are at half; it's crucial to activate her special abilities now.

Why Use Super Archer Queen Walk?

To confront Town Hall 10 and higher, your army composition should be optimized with key troops like Golems, Valkyries, Wizards, Wall Breakers, Healers, Yetis, and Giants. Utilizing a Super Queen can conserve army space, making the use of a Super Queen Walk highly advisable.

Tips for Using Super Archer Queen Walk

  1. Be cautious of Air Defense as it can eliminate your Healer.
  2. You can use spell healing or rage to quickly recover HP.
  3. Exercise caution with enemy Clan Castles, particularly with Pekka, as a single hit can quickly defeat the Archer Queen. Utilize the Archer Queen's special abilities to counter them effectively.
  4. While the Super Archer Queen strides along the sidelines, you can deploy the Valkyrie to strike at the center of the base. This strategy forms a lethal combination.
  5. The Archer Queen will keep regenerating health as long as the healer remains alive until the end.


The Attack Strategy using Super Archer Queen Walk in Town Hall 10 and Town Hall 11 

  1. Initially, use four earthquakes to demolish the wall at the opponent's base. Decide which direction you will attack from before proceeding. Avoid destroying the enemy's outermost wall; instead, employ wall breakers for that purpose. Utilize four earthquakes to bring down the central wall of the opponent's base.
  2. Eliminate the Archer Queen and deploy at least four Healers to demolish the buildings in the corner of the base. This strategy will clear a path for the Valkyries to charge directly into the center.
  3. Use the Golem, Giant, or Yeti to distract your opponent's defensive buildings. 
  4. Deploy some wall breakers to demolish the outermost wall.
  5. Once the golem is destroyed and enters the center of the opponent's base, it becomes possible to eliminate barbarian kings, valkyries, wizards, and other supporting troops behind it.
  6. Currently, you may deploy the troops from your Clan Castle. Ensure that you have previously filled your Clan Castle with Valkyries or Yetis.
  7. Utilize the Rage spell to boost the speed and enhance the strength of the Valkyrie/Yeti.
  8. Utilize the Freeze Spell to immobilize the Inferno Tower.
  9. See the video below for more details:

Thus, tips on attacking with Super Archer Queen Walk. Stay tuned for our next article...^^



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