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The new troop available for play is the baby dragon. True to its name, the baby dragon is a diminutive version of a dragon, commonly referred to as a baby dragon. This charming green creature has a tongue that protrudes forward, designed to demolish the enemy's defensive structures.

Baby Dragon Attacking Tips

  1. Baby dragons may be considered superior to adult dragons because they are less expensive, require only half the space, and have half the health needs of their larger counterparts.
  2. When angered, a Baby Dragon can turn purple and exhibit increased strength.
  3. A suitable spell for baby dragons is the Rage Spell, as it increases their strength.

Attack Strategy Using Baby Dragon

  • Even though the baby dragon inherits its father's strength in aerial assaults, it's still crucial to eliminate as much Air Defense as possible. The common strategy involves using three lightning spells, but deploying a Hog Rider is also effective if the Air Defense is positioned outside the village.
  • Consider substituting the lightning spell with a rage spell if the enemy's air defense is centrally located within the base.
  • A level 4 Baby Dragon pairs well with level 7 Balloons. The Baby Dragon targets and eliminates nearby threats, while the Balloons swiftly take down the enemy's defensive structures. In this strategy, the Baby Dragon acts as a protective shield for the Balloons.
  • Adding rage spells can enhance the power of the baby dragon.
  • If your baby dragon spreads out, it will become ineffective for your attack.


Tricks to use Baby Dragon to keep it from spreading

This strategy is highly effective for taking down Town Hall 10 and higher, as baby dragons prove to be very efficient in these levels. You can pair baby dragons with other troops like lava hounds or balloons, or you can opt to fill your army camp entirely with baby dragons.
The initial strategy involves dismantling the right and left flanks of your opponent's base. Deploy the Archer Queen on the left and the Barbarian King on the right, for instance. The role of the Archer Queen and Barbarian King is to clear several buildings on both sides, paving the way for your Baby Deploy the Dragon to strike directly at the heart of the enemy's base. The second step involves using Baby Dragons. Deploy some Baby Dragons to eliminate the buildings on the left side and others for the right side. Once the left and right-side buildings are demolished, release all the Baby Dragons in a straight line towards the center.
Deploy rage spells to enhance your baby dragon's attacks and aim to guide your baby dragon towards the center to swiftly take down the Eagle Artillery and Inferno Tower.

Defensive Strategy

  1. The Baby Dragon is notably robust in its defense against aerial assaults.
  2. Using the Baby Dragon for survival, you can pair it with Minions or Balloons. However, I suggest deploying it with a larger number of Minions for greater effectiveness.

Information about Baby Dragon
  1. The Baby Dragon trope was introduced on May 24, 2016.
  2. In a Full Army Camp, you can include 24 baby dragons in a single attack, with each baby dragon occupying 10 housing space.
  3. When the baby dragon becomes angry, it turns purple, and a small lightning bolt appears on its head.
  4. Baby dragons are unable to attack walls; instead, they will target all adjacent buildings.
  5. Baby Dragons can be created in the barracks.


Cost, Length of Time and Capabilities of Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon Level 1
  • Damage per Second = 75
  • Ability Damage per Second= 225
  • Damage per Attack= 75
  • Hitpoints= 1.200
  • Research Cost (elixir) = -
  • Research Time= -
  • Laboratory Level Required= -
Baby Dragon Level 2
  • Damage per Second = 85
  • Ability Damage per Second= 255
  • Damage per Attack= 85
  • Hitpoints= 1.300
  • Research Cost (elixir) = 2.000.000
  • Research Time= 2 days
  • Laboratory Level Required= 7
Baby Dragon Level 3
  • Damage per Second = 95
  • Ability Damage per Second= 285
  • Damage per Attack= 95
  • Hitpoints= 1.400
  • Research Cost (elixir) = 2.500.000
  • Research Time= 3 days 12 hours
  • Laboratory Level Required= 8
Baby Dragon Level 4
  • Damage per Second = 105
  • Ability Damage per Second= 315
  • Damage per Attack= 105
  • Hitpoints= 1.500
  • Research Cost (elixir) = 3.400.000
  • Research Time= 4 days
  • Laboratory Level Required= 8
Baby Dragon Level 5
  • Damage per Second = 115
  • Ability Damage per Second= 345
  • Damage per Attack= 115
  • Hitpoints= 1.600
  • Research Cost (elixir) = 4.200.000
  • Research Time= 5 days
  • Laboratory Level Required= 9
Baby Dragon Level 6
  • Damage per Second = 125
  • Ability Damage per Second= 375
  • Damage per Attack= 125
  • Hitpoints= 1.700
  • Research Cost (elixir) = 5.500.000
  • Research Time= 6 days 6 hours
  • Laboratory Level Required= 10
Baby Dragon Level 7
  • Damage per Second = 135
  • Ability Damage per Second= 405
  • Damage per Attack= 135
  • Hitpoints= 1.800
  • Research Cost (elixir) = 7.200.000
  • Research Time= 7 days
  • Laboratory Level Required= 11
Baby Dragon Level 8
  • Damage per Second = 145
  • Ability Damage per Second= 435
  • Damage per Attack= 145
  • Hitpoints= 1.900
  • Research Cost (elixir) = 16.000.000
  • Research Time= 11 days
  • Laboratory Level Required= 12
Baby Dragon Level 9
  • Damage per Second = 155
  • Ability Damage per Second= 465
  • Damage per Attack= 155
  • Hitpoints= 2.000
  • Research Cost (elixir) = 18.000.000
  • Research Time= 13 days
  • Laboratory Level Required= 13
Baby Dragon Level 10
  • Damage per Second = 165
  • Ability Damage per Second= 495
  • Damage per Attack= 165
  • Hitpoints= 2.100
  • Research Cost (elixir) = 20.000.000
  • Research Time= 15 days
  • Laboratory Level Required= 14

I hope you find this article helpful and that it assists you in utilizing the baby dragon effectively and judiciously. Establish your unique airstrike strategy with the baby dragon, and consider pairing it with balloons, lava hounds, or other aerial units for optimal results.


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