Animals Story - A Wolf and Seven Goats


One day there lived a Mother Goat along with her seven kids. They lived in a house located close to a wild forest. The Mother Goat loved her kids very much. Every day the Mother Goat went to the forest to look for food for her kids.

One day when the Mother Goat was going to the forest to look for food for her kids. She said to them, "My children!!! I will go to the forest for a while to bring food for you!!! So don't fight, okay? And don't open the door to anyone but me."

It turned out that in the forest there was a wolf who was always stalking the house. He was always looking for the right time to eat the goats.

The wolf had been waiting for the Mother Goat to leave for the forest. He really liked the meat of the goat kids because the meat was very delicious.

"This is the right time to prey on the goat kids" thought the wolf.

The wolf went to the house and started knocking on the door. "Hello children!!! Here comes mom!!! Open the door. Mom brought food for you" said the wolf as he knocked on the door.

The goat kids were very smart, they recognized it was the wolf's voice and said, "Go away wolf!!! We won't be fooled by your voice!!! Go away!!!!"

Then the wolf left but he didn't give up. The wolf practiced the voice of the mother goat and he came again to the house.

This time the wolf spoke in a loud voice he said, "Hello children. This is your mom."

But when they opened the door, They saw was a hungry wolf ready to devour them. All the children ran around the house and looked for a hiding place.

Some hid behind the cupboard, some hid under the bed, and some hid under the table.

But their attempts at hiding failed, all the children were found by the hungry wolf. And they were eaten to death by the wolves.

But there was one kid who hid behind the big wall clock in his house and he survived the wolf's sharp teeth. The goat kid was terrified to see his brothers being eaten by the wolf. He hid behind the big clock, shivering with fear.

When the wolf was full, He left the house and slept in the backyard.

When the Mother Goat came home, She was panicked to see that the door was open and everything in the house was in a mess. "Where are you children?" said the mother goat while looking for her children. Hearing the voice of his mother, the goat kid who was hiding behind the big clock came out of hiding. Crying, the goat started to tell what had happened in the house.

Hearing the story from her son, the Mother Goat became very angry. And she heard the snoring of the wolf behind her house. It turned out that the well-fed wolf was fast asleep in her backyard. Then the mother goat asked her son to get her a pair of scissors.

The mother goat then went to the backyard and found the wolf fast asleep there. Then the Mother Goat cut the wolf's stomach and took out her children from the stomach.

It turned out that the children were all still alive. And immediately the Mother Goat replaced her children with stones, and put the stones into the wolf's stomach. The mother goat sewed the wolf's stomach carefully so that the wolf would not wake up from his sleep.

When the wolf woke up and He felt thirsty, He looked for a well to drink there. Because the stone in his stomach was very heavy, He fell into the well. And the wolf died there.

The lessons we can take from this story are
Be obedient and respectful to our parents, because every word is definitely for our good later.

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