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 Hi Clashers…!!!

Good news for you Town Hall 7 owners, because I will share an example of a base that is resistant to Dragon attacks. It must be very annoying when your village is attacked with Dragons and Lightning Spells that generate 3 stars. Dragon attacks are indeed a major problem for Town Hall 7. However, you can now say, "Stop 3 Stars"!

Notes: If your Air Defense is not at the same level, place the air defense with the smallest level at the bottom on the right side and protect it with Air Sweeper.
  • The enemy always uses lightning spells to destroy Air Defense that has the highest level. Therefore, I recommend protecting low-level Air Defense with Air Sweeper.
  • When this base works against a Dragon, the dragon will spread out and will easily be destroyed by your Air Defense.
  • In the center, the dragon will not be able to work properly as it is shielded by Storage which will prolong the dragon's movement.
  • Even if the enemy uses hog riders or balloons to destroy the remaining Air Defense, it won't work.
  • Placing Hidden Tesla in the corner will take time away from dragon attacks. In TH 7, it is better to place the hidden tesla in the corner than in the center.
  • The location of the Clan Castle is outside, this serves to prolong the attack time.

Enemy Attack Strategy Estimate

  1. The enemy will destroy Air Defense close to the air sweeper by using 3 lightning bolts. 
  2. With the destruction of Air Defense close to the air sweeper, the enemy will attack from the right.
  3. The dragon will be released from the right towards the other water defense.
  4. Dragons will be stuck in storage because dragons need more time to destroy storage.
  5. Storage has a fairly large HP, so dragons take time to destroy it
  6. When dragons spout fire breath into storage, some dragons will die from the lingering air defense.
  7. Due to the location of storage and air defense, there is empty space, so the remaining living dragons will be scattered up and down.
  8. Any remaining dragons that enter the center of the base will be hit by air bombs located near the air defense, so your air defense will always be alive.
  9. Finally, only 1 star can be obtained by the opponent.

Here's a picture of the Defence Log

Trust me, this base has been tested. It's much better than it looks like you think. Hope you like it!!!


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