Animals Story - The Story of A Squirrel and A Tiger

One day, there was a squirrel walking through vast grassland. He was bored and wanted to find fresh air outside the forest.  The situation of the vast grassland gave some happiness to the squirrel. The squirrel met many new friends whom he had rarely met in the forest. There were bulls, horses, giraffes, deer, and many other animals. The squirrel began to like the new place. He was very happy to play around, digging holes in the grassland.

And it didn't feel like it was getting into the afternoon, the squirrel also intended to return to his home in the forest. Along the way the squirrel sang cheerfully.

That day the squirrel got many new experiences and new friends, which made the squirrel felt happy about his visit this time. But it was unlucky for the squirrel, when he reached the edge of the forest he met a tiger guarding the area.

Without waiting for cue, the squirrel ran away and saved himself into the forest. Of course the tiger did not stay still, he chased the squirrel and followed him into the forest. but because tigers used to live and hunt in grassland, he was a little bit tired of chasing squirrels in the forest. The abundance of shrubs and roots made tigers a little inhibited, but it was easy for squirrel because he used to live in the forest, he knew very well the ins and outs of the forest so he could run freely.

Finally, the squirrel arrived at a very clear pond, so that he could reflect on it. Because of fatigue after running, the squirrel rested there.

"Ah.. Take a break first. Maybe the tiger  was no longer chasing me. He wasn't used to going into the forest, maybe he had given up and went back to the pasture." The squirrel murmured with a sigh of wheezing.

But just a while the squirrel was resting, suddenly the tiger came.

"Hey little creature, where else are you going. What kind of food are you? You’re not a bull because you don't have horns. Deer is not either, because your body size is too small for the size of a deer. But that's okay.. I'm hungry, at least you can prop up my stomach a bit. Hahaha… Ggrrrrrr''. The tiger said with a growl.

Of course the squirrel was surprised by the sudden arrival of the tiger, the squirrel was completely unprepared. But the squirrel remembered the pond water just now, and He had the idea of driving the tiger away.

"Hey tiger.. Don’t you know me? How dare you  follow me to my place, are you not scared at all?''. The squirrel said bluffing.

Hearing the squirrel's words, the tiger was surprised. Curiosity arose in his mind, because this was the first time a creature as small as the squirrel dared to bully him.


''Insolent! How dare a little creature like you threaten me. Don't you know who I am? I am the king of the forest, the ruler of the grasslands….'' The tiger said angrily.

''Huh, I pity you. You're so stupid. I didn't run away because I was afraid of you, but I deliberately lured you here... My favorite place to eat." The squirrel said calmly.

''Pity? Stupid? A place to eat? What do you mean?" asked the tiger curiously, fear beginning to rise in his heart.

''I mean...You were fooled by my appearance. I have eaten many tigers like you. They were fooled by my small body, and chased me to this place. But unlucky for them ...instead of me being the one they eat, it's the other way around." Squirrel said convincingly.

''Hah, you're lying! A little animal like you must have just been scheming to trick me into not eating you.'' said the tiger.

''I'm not lying, I just feel sorry for you. But since I was being kind, I give you a chance. I ate the other tigers and collected their heads in that hole." The squirrel said pointing at the pond.

"I'll give you one chance to prove yourself, look into the hole. Then you will see the tiger's head in it... but don't take too long, I will lose my patience." The squirrel said again.

Out of curiosity, the tiger looked into the pond. And when the tiger looked into the pond, he saw the reflection of himself.

But because he only stuck his head out to look into the pond, he only saw his head. So he thought that the heads of the other tigers in the pond were the squirrel's victims as the squirrel said.

Spontaneously, the tiger ran scared towards the grassland, left the squirrel who could only laugh amused at the tiger.

The life lesson:

Learn to use your brain instead your muscles which mean  we should calm down if we get in the bad situation.


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