Bedtime Story - The Greedy Cat


In a crowded market, there was a fish trader who was busy with his wares, when the fish trader was busy serving his customers, suddenly a stray cat approached the fish trader.

The stray cat leaped onto the fishmonger's counter, snatched a piece of fish, and then scampered away with the fishmonger's goods.

The merchant was shocked and said "Hay! Naughty cat, how dare you steal my fish!" while chasing the stray cat. But the stray cat ran very fast, and the fishmonger could not chase it.

After running for a long time, the cat finally came to a river, and decided to rest for a while, while recovering his almost exhausted strength. Once satisfied with resting the cat, began walking through a small bridge over the stream to cross the river.

While walking on the bridge, the cat looked into the river, to his surprise when he saw another cat carrying a piece of fish larger than the one, he was carrying. He didn't know that what he saw was his own shadow.

"I've got to get that fish," thought the stray cat.

Without thinking, he spoke loudly to the another cat he saw in the river. But unfortunately for him, when he began to open his mouth, the fish he was carrying with his mouth just now accidentally fell into the river.

"Ouch... How stupid I am! I should be grateful for the food that is already there. Being greedy and greedy will be self-defeating..." regretted the stray cat.

Eventually the stray cat was forced to return home starving without food.


Lesson learnt

• Don’t be greedy because it will only harm ourselves.

• Always be grateful for the God’s blessing that has given us.



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