Animals Story - The Cowardly Lion King


In a wilderness, there lived a lion who was brave and courageous. Because of his bravery, the lion was appointed King of the forest. He had a dashing body and a loud voice.

The Lion King often roared his loud voice to please himself and to scare the other animals in his territory, so that all the animals were afraid of him.

Because he was the King of the Forest, the Lion King knew every corner of the forest, every animal in it and every sound in the forest.


Then the lion took a walk by a small lake in the forest. Because of the clear water of the lake, it made the lion want to drink the lake water and stay there temporarily.


One day, after finishing his meal, the lion laid down on the shore of the lake. Because he was full, the lion began to get sleepy. As his eyes began to close, he heard a sound he had never heard before.


"Gerrrrr, Gerrrrr!!!" was the sound. The Lion King was startled and immediately opened his eyes, but he didn't see anyone there! Then, he heard the sound a second time, and a third time.


The lion began to get scared and thought in fear, "What if that sound is the sound of a ghost?"


After a while, a frog crawled out from within the bushes at the edge of the lake.


The Lion King realized that he had been frightened by the tiny creature coming out of the lake!


The Lion was angry at the frog and roared his loudest at the frog. Frightened, the frog lost its voice. So the frog could no longer make a sound.


The life lessons:

Sometimes we feel afraid of something in front of us so don't be afraid of anything we haven't known and experienced.

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