Animals Story - The Tales of Lion and Mosquito


In a forest, there was a lion who had just finished lunch. Being too full, the lion became sleepy, and he immediately went into a cave and slept.

As the lion slept, a mosquito approached him. Although the mosquito had a smaller body, it was not afraid to suck the lion's blood.

And the mosquito started sucking blood from the lion's body. The lion immediately woke up and was shocked to find his body being sucked by a mosquito. When the mosquito saw that the lion was awake, it didn't stop sucking, instead it continued to suck blood from the lion's nose, eyes and ears.

The lion roared in pain. He tried to chase the mosquito away but his efforts were in vain.

Eventually, the lion bled out from being sucked by the mosquito. The mosquito was so happy about his victory over the King of the Jungle, he praised himself and felt proud of his victory.

Because he was too proud, he didn't see the spider web above him. And so he was trapped in the spider web. The mosquito moved here and there to escape from the spider web, but his efforts were in vain. And finally the mosquito died being eaten by the spider.


The life lesson:

Don't hurt others, because maybe we will be hurt by others too.

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