Animals Story - The Vanity of The Eagle


Once upon a time there lived a very manly eagle. The eagle lived on a high mountain. Because it is very high on the mountain, no one can go up there.  The eagle is the king of all the birds on the mountain.

One day a hunter managed to go up the mountain, carrying his arrow, he tried to catch the eagle, using his arrow.

But the hunter always failed, because the hunter's arrow was just a pointed wooden blade, which when fired would miss the target.

Seeing the hunter's always failed attempts, the eagle laughed in his heart, while mocking the hunter. The eagle also released one strand of its fur to make the hunter even more angry and hot. The feather dropped by the eagle fell right in front of the hunter, the hunter took the feather and brought it home.

The next day the hunter came again. This time the hunter put the eagle feather, which he got yesterday behind the arrow, to be just a decoration.

But it turns out that the impact caused was extraordinary. The arrow was no longer rocking in the wind. The arrow shot straight towards the eagle. And the eagle was arrowed right in his chest, which finally made the eagle hit by the arrow and the eagle died.

Valuable lessons from this story:

Never underestimate something no matter how small, because who knows the little things that we always underestimate can be disaster for us. As told from the story above, the mistake made by the Eagle was to underestimate a feather, he considered it playful, it turned out that it was the feather that caused his death.


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