Ali Baba and The 40 Thieves

 Once upon a time, in a city surrounded by desert, there lived two brothers named Ali Baba and Kasim. The two brothers have very different traits and characters. Kasim, his older brother, was a jealous, greedy and arrogant person. Meanwhile, Ali Baba is a friendly, simple and hard-working person.

After the death of their father, greedy Eunuchs married a rich woman and they always lived in luxury. Ali Baba married a poor woman and decided to work as a wood cutter. During Eunuch's life with his wife, he always spent their father's possessions, and he continued his father's business as a merchant, while Ali Baba sold the firewood he collected from the forest to make a living with his wife.

One day, when Ali Baba was collecting firewood in the forest, he saw a gang of thieves on horseback. Ali immediately hid behind a tall bush so as not to be seen by the thieves. Because if he was seen, he could have been robbed and even died at their hands. Ali hid and saw them stopped in front of a stone cave. Then the thieve's head said, "Open it... The door..!!" and the cave door opened. Ali was surprised because he saw a lot of gold in the cave. It turned out that the robbers hid their looted treasure in the cave. And after putting their loot into the cave, the chief thieve said, "Close... The door..!!" then immediately the door was closed. The thieves used those magic words to open or close the cave door.

The thieves left the cave to look for loot again. After they left, Ali Baba approached the cave wall, and said, "Open... The door..!!" the cave door opened. Ali was surprised to find a lot of gold in the cave, like a high mountain and immediately took some sacks of gold to take home. When he took the gold, he planned to distribute some gold to his neighbors, one of whom was named Aisha.

When he got home, Ali Baba told his wife what had happened and distributed some gold coins to his neighbors and Aisha. Aisha was very happy and thankful to Ali Baba.
Because there was too much gold, and they couldn't count it, Ali Baba's wife borrowed the scales from her brother's Eunuch wife. Curious about what Ali Baba's wife would weigh, the eunuch's wife put wax liquid on her scale so that something was attached to the scale. And that's right, when the scales were returned, there was a shiny layer like a layer of gold coins.

So Eunuch's wife immediately told her husband that Ali Baba had a lot of gold in his house.
The eunuch rushed to Ali Baba's house and asked where the gold came from, saying, "Where did you get some of the sacks of gold, did they belong to our father?"

Ali Baba replied, "No,,". Then Kasim asked again, "If not, then where did you get it? It would be nice for a younger brother to distribute some of the gold to his brother."
And Ali Baba replied, "I got these golds from a cave in the forest, and these golds did not belong to our father but belonged to some thieves."

Hearing this, Eunuch's greed appeared, and he asked Ali Baba to show him the way to the cave. Arriving at the cave, Ali Baba told him how to enter the cave and Kasim went inside. Before Ali Baba returned home, he told the magic words to open and close the cave door to Kasim.

Because of Kasim's greedy nature, he was lulled by the amount of gold in the cave. He bathed himself in a pile of gold, until the afternoon when he wanted to take the gold home he forgot how to open the door of the cave. He was trapped in the cave all day.

Unfortunately for Kasim, the thieves came and saw Kasim in the cave. "My goodness... forgive me, I'm just lost in this cave" Kasim said as he had begging the thieve's head for mercy. But because the eunuchs knew where their treasure was stored, they were killed and their bodies were dismembered in the cave.

Eunuch's wife who was waiting at home began to worry because Kasim did not come home. Finally he asked Ali Baba for help to follow to the cave where the treasure was stored. Ali Baba immediately went there. There she was very sad to see her brother lying in a lifeless condition with a dismembered body. Ali Baba brought Eunuch's body to his wife, Eunuch's wife wept loudly seeing that her husband had died. Before Kasim was buried, Ali Baba took his brother's body to a healer to sew his brother's body together. After finishing sewing, Ali rewarded the tailor with a few gold coins.

Elsewhere, in the treasure cave, the robbers were shocked to find that Eunuch's corpse was gone." Unmistakably, there are others who know the secrets about where our treasures are stored. Let's go find him and kill him." The thieve chief said. They began to go around the city looking for that person. When they meet a healer, they ask." Has anyone been rich lately?"

"I am that person, because after stitching the wound of a woodcutter's corpse, I got paid gold coins. And made me a rich man."

"What? Corpse? Who asked you to do that? Please deliver me to her. I will give you money later." The thieve chief said.

After receiving money from the thieves, the healer then drove the thieves to Ali Baba's house. The thieves immediately put a cross on the door of Ali's house." I will report to the chairman, and later in the evening we will come to kill him." One of the thieves said. Ali's neighbor, Aisha, who had just returned from shopping, overheard and saw the conversation.

At night, Ali Baba's house was visited by five thieves disguised as oil traders and begged to stay one day at his house because it was late at night. The kind Ali invited his guests into the house and treated them well. Ali Baba served them food to eat, and prepared a bed for them to sleep.  Ali Baba did not know the faces of the thieves so Ali only considered them guests who wanted to spend the night in his house. But Aisha, Ali's neighbor who was outside the house, saw and recognized the faces of the thieves. He immediately asked for the help of the young men in the village to help Ali who was in danger. So that the robbers would not be suspicious, Aisyah then disguised herself as a dancer. She left and went into Ali's house to dance. While Ali, his wife and guests were enjoying Aisha's dance, young men and village leaders were waiting outside for Aisha's gesture. While dancing, Aisha served wine to the robber's head until she almost got drunk. The thieve's head was very fond of Aisha's dance and drank the wine she served. Finally the thieve's head was half drunk, and in that moment Aisha threw a knife at the chest of the Chief thieves. The throw stabbed the thieve in the chest, and as a signal to the young men outside to rush inside to catch the other four thieves.

At first Ali Baba and his wife were very surprised, before Ali Baba asked. Aisha opened her disguise and immediately told all she saw and heard to Ali Baba and his wife.

"Aisha and brothers, we say a big thank you for saving our lives. If you hadn't helped us, we might have died at the hands of the robbers," Ali Baba said moved.

"You're welcome, Ali, you often help us when we are in trouble." Aisha said. After all had passed, Ali distributed the thieve' treasures in the cave to the poor people in their village who were in dire need.

The lesson we can take from the story of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves:
1. Do not have the same envy, greed and greed as Eunuchs do, because greed and greed will only harm oneself because you feel less satisfied with anything.
2. Always be grateful for whatever we have now
3. Do good to others, then your kindness will one day be repaid in a way we did not expect

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