Animals Story - The Lazy Rabbit


In a forest lived two friends. They were a rabbit and a squirrel. Every day they always spend time together.

One day, the squirrel told the rabbit, "The rainy season is coming soon. Let's make a nest. So that when it rains, we have a place to take shelter."

"Yes, that's right, you also said. But let me rest first," replied the rabbit.

On that afternoon, it rained heavily. Squirrels and hares take shelter under trees. They were wet and cold.

"If we had a nest, we wouldn't get wet like this."

"Yes, that's exactly what you said", replied to the rabbit.

"Tomorrow morning, we will make a nest," said the rabbit again.

Early the next morning, it was very clear. The squirrel again invites the rabbit to build a nest.

"We'd better go find wood to build a nest," said the squirrel.

"But not now, we still have plenty of time left. Let's go find food. I'm hungry!" replied the rabbit.

Hearing Rabbit's answer, Squirrel shook his head at his best friend's attitude. On that afternoon, it rained again. Squirrels and rabbits are soaked because there was no shelter.

"It would be nice if we had a nest, tomorrow we have to make a nest. I don't want to keep getting wet like this when it rains," said the squirrel.

The lazy rabbit ignored his friend's complaints." Let's just wait for tomorrow," said the rabbit.

Life Lessons:

Never postpone a job that we can do on that very day. Do it while you can.


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