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Some of us may be familiar with the hero Akai, who possesses a stout body resembling a panda and wields bamboo as his weapon. Akai is a tank hero typically serving as a Roamer, yet he is also frequently utilized as a Jungler due to his versatile functions akin to that role.

In this article, I will discuss Akai as a Roam or Tank. Before that, let's look at the story of this Hero Akai.

Akai is a robust panda known for his carefree demeanor. Initially, Akai appeared quite adorable and amusing. But as time has passed, he has taken on a more mature and cooler appearance. His singular ambition is to become a true warrior, proficient in a variety of martial arts. Naturally, his path will be fraught with numerous challenges and obstacles to overcome.

It is said that a village in the far east is the habitat of pandas to live and breed. The reason why the pandas live in that place is because there are lots of food sources and very far from danger. Until finally, the pandas can live safely, peacefully, and serenely. Among the many pandas that live, there is one panda who has a careless nature and likes to eat. So, his body size is very fat. Even so, the panda named Akai has one goal in life, which is to become a great warrior.

However, his friends did not believe that Akai would be able to fulfil his dreams. Many of them began to belittle and ridicule Akai's every word. Moreover, Akai's parents even felt that their son would not be able to become the person he wanted to be. Because they knew the potential that their son had. However, this never stopped Akai from training every day, hoping to one day achieve his dream of becoming a respected warrior. He began his ambition with physical and martial arts training. Every day training became Akai's routine. On the other hand, his friends always mocked him. However, Akai did not get angry and discouraged, instead he used the ridicule as motivation to keep going.

Until one day, a mysterious old monk saw Akai's persistent and unyielding attitude. The monk decided to become Akai's trainer. Without thinking, Akai accepted the monk's offer to train him to become a great warrior.

As the days passed, Akai began to show her progress in martial arts. However, she was never complacent, as she reckoned, she still had a long way to go in training her skills.

One day, he saw a flail and thought it was very cool and suitable for a panda like him. She began practicing her flail skills. In addition, Akai also practiced spinning and jumping techniques that could shut down enemy movements. Akai's teacher began to be impressed with the progress shown by his student. To test whether he was worthy of becoming a true warrior, Akai decided to participate in various martial arts competitions. All the opponents he faced always bowed before him.

With this proof, Akai finally managed to silence the taunts of her friends who had always underestimated her dreams. Today, Akai's friends are silent and regretful. However, Akai doesn't think too much about his friends' regrets, but instead continues to train to improve further.

She is now ready to enter the world stage and prove that she is a worthy member of the martial arts world! Akai sets out for the Land of Dawn and hopes to meet great fighters. From his journey, he hopes to become a respected and revered warrior.

Skill AKAI - Hero Mobile Legend

Skill Pasif - Tai Chi

Tai Chi merupakan kemampuan pasif dari Akai yang meningkatkan durabilitasnya, sehingga menjadi lebih tangguh dalam permainan. Kemampuan pasif ini memberikan manfaat besar bagi Akai dengan memberinya perisai tambahan setiap kali ia menggunakan kemampuannya. Perisai ini dapat menyerap kerusakan hingga 6% dari total HP maksimalnya dan bertahan selama dua detik. Waktu tunggu untuk kemampuan pasif ini adalah 2,5 detik.

Skill 1 - Thousand Pounder

Thousand Pounder is a one-act skill that if used he will jump in a predetermined direction. Thousand Pounder will deal 300 Physical damage plus a total of 50% Physical attack. The resulting slow effect is 30% for 2 seconds if the use of this skill successfully hits the opponent. If there is a mark generated from the Blender akai skill, the opponent will be exposed to additional effects, namely Stun for 1 second.

Skill 2 - Blender

Blender is Akai's second skill which is included in the attack skill where she shoots frog-shaped waves towards the enemy she is about to attack. The Attack Range of his attack skill is quite far and if it hits the opponent it will deal 350 damage added from a total of 120% physical attack to the opponent. The mark is generated and will be attached to the opponent for 5 seconds. In addition, Akai will also get an increase in damage from the basic attack she uses by 5%.

Skill 3 Ultimate - Hurricane Dance

Hurricane Dance is Akai's ultimate skill which when used will make Akai attack his enemies with his spinning attack. Akai will spin like a tornado for 3.5 seconds and cause a knockback effect to opponents who are around her. The damage generated from this ultimate skill is not too great but the crowd control effect it produces is very useful in a gameplay. When using this skill all debuffs on Akai will be removed and Akai will also be immune from slow effects and get an increase in movement speed by +30.

If you want to see the Akai Roam / Tank MVP Gameplay, you can click the video link on Youtube below

How to Play AKAI Tank/Roam - Mobile Legends 


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