How to Quickly Level up to Town Hall 7 - Clash of Clans

Indeed, many novices in the game hesitate to hit the upgrade button on their Town Hall. They worry about everything from under-leveled defenses to pint-sized troops. However, once you've conquered Town Hall 5, feel free to leapfrog right over Town Hall 6 and land on Town Hall 7—there's not a whole lot you're missing out on in the middle!

Is it beneficial or detrimental?

Town Hall 5 and Town Hall 6 could practically be twins, sporting the same troops, barracks count, and even the same level of barbarians and archers—it's like they're sharing a wardrobe. But then Town Hall 7 comes along, and it's like a whole new world of upgrades, as if it just hit the Clash of Clans puberty stage.

The advantages of going straight to TH7 include:

  1. Space army/ troop space increased
  2. Barrack + 1 (increase by 1)
  3. Get a new spell, the rage spell
  4. Get dark barracks and dark troops
  5. Getting the Barbarian King
  6. Barbarian and Archer gain strength (level up)
  7. You get the Dragon

When attacking to acquire loot or for war, Town Hall 7 is superior to Town Hall 6. If you find it challenging to achieve 3 stars in Clan Wars with TH6, you might consider upgrading to TH7 and utilizing a combination of Dragons and Lightning Spells.

The essential point is that advancing directly to TH7 is acceptable, as all troops at TH7 represent the minimum required level. However, it's crucial not to hasten to TH8 until all your defenses are fully upgraded.

How to Attack Using Dragons and Lightning Spells
  1. Prepare dragons in your army camp. You can fill your army camp with dragons of all sizes.
  2. Prepare 3 lightning spells
  3. The first step when attacking, drop 3 lightning spells on one of the air defenses in the middle, then the air defense will be destroyed.
  4. Take out the dragons on the left and right sides first. The purpose of taking out 1 dragon on the left side and 1 dragon on the right side is so that the dragon attack does not spread.
  5. Once the buildings on the left and right sides have been destroyed, you can take out the remaining dragons in the center in a straight line. So, each dragon destroys a different building.
  6. Don't mind the Clan castle as your dragon will destroy everything including the opponent's tropes.
  7. If you're still unsure of your attacks, you can increase your attack power by requesting tropes from your clanmates. You can request a level 5 dragon or a level 7 balloon.
  8. Watch out for your opponent's buildings in the corners, usually builders. You can destroy these builder buildings with your cleaning troops.


 What you can have at Town hall 7

  1. Hit point Town hall 7 = 3.300
  2. Cost of building= 1.200.000 gold
  3. Build time= 6 days
  4. Total number of buildings available = 56 unit
  5. Gold resources available = 500.000 gold
  6. Elixir resources available = 500.000 elixir
  7. Dark elixir resources available= 2.500 dark elixir
  8. Gold mine = 6
  9. Elixir collector = 6
  10. Dark elixir drill = 1
  11. Gold storage = 2
  12. Elixir storage =2
  13. Dark elixir storage = 1
  14. Dark barrack = 1
  15. Barrack = 4
  16. Army camp =4
  17. Laboratory = 1
  18. Spell factory = 1
  19. Dark spell factory = 1
  20. Barbarian king =1
  21. Archer queen = -

Ultimately, upon reaching Town Hall 7, you will unlock the Barbarian King, which significantly enhances your attack strength. You can deploy the Barbarian King to decimate one side of your adversary's base, while using the Dragon to concentrate on assaulting the center.


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