Bedtime Story - The Witch and A Mouse


One day, a witch was taking a walk in the forest to find some herbs. As she was walking suddenly a mouse fell from a crow's beak. The mouse was badly injured all over its body because of the sharp raven's beak. Immediately she brought the mouse home and she took care of it until it recovered.

Every day, she fed the wounded mouse with her food and medicine. After 3 days, the mouse recovered and the witch let it go again.

Then, one day, the witch was walking around the village. She saw the mouse she had helped being chased by a cat. Afraid that her beloved mouse would be killed by the cat, the witch turned the mouse into a cat using her magic wand in the hope that the mouse would not be eaten by the hungry cat so that the mouse could defend herself from the attack of the wild cat.

The next day, the witch saw that her favorite cat was afraid of the tiger and immediately the witch turned the cat into a tiger too. Then the tiger entered the village. The villagers said, "That's not a tiger! That's just a mouse that the witch turned into a tiger. He won't eat us or even hurt us.

When the Tiger heard this, he was very angry with the witch. It thought, "As long as the witch is alive, she was changing his nature!". In its anger, the tiger attacked the villagers.

But as soon as the witch saw the villagers being attacked by the tiger, she shouted, "Return to your mouse form. "

The tiger eventually became a mouse again.


The life lessons:

Whoever we are and whatever we will become, we must always be humble and not hurt the people we care about.

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